i’m not going to lie. you have no idea how hard i’m trying to ask you to ‘fuck off,’ if you ever come back. but truth is, first, you might not even come back anymore (fuck.) and second, if you do… i really will accept you with open arms. because i’m not as cold. also i still care. and i still do love you.

i do miss you, a lot. a whole fucking lot. because it’s true. you are the best thing that’s ever been mine and… i miss you.

Haven’t you learnt not to trust anyone?

the rawest, most honest, down-to-earth reminder everyone needs.

belle: vogue edition, bitches.

come on unicorn, you know it. you fucking know it.

let’s face it. it’s something we earn.

daily reminder that you fucking don’t.

well, here goes nothing.

you know what? it’s fucking hard.

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